Welcome to the Notary Internet Museum of Saint Petersburg! In our museum there are no decorated racks and showcases, no exhibits that you can touch, no strict and attentive employees, and no quiet whispers or muffled sounds of visitor's steps could be heard. Nevertheless, we tried to convey the wonderful and unique spirit of the museum and at the same time expand the museum's opportunities using the Internet resources.

With just one “click of the mouse” you can travel from the era of medieval clerks to the world of modern Russian notaries, from besieged Leningrad to the fascinating Olympic movement of notaries in Saint Petersburg, leaf through old and modern books dedicated to the notary work and much, much more.

The living fabric of our online museum is constantly changing, its materials are being updated. Perhaps now in our museum not everything is as it was intended when it was created, but our team of enthusiasts will continue to work on its further development.

So, welcome to the Notary Internet Museum of Saint Petersburg!

Museum caretaker - notary of St. Petersburg Kornilov Sergey Terentievich.